Frequently asked questions

Do I have to have my junk out on the curb?

No. Whether you live in the basement or inside the a garage, we can take your junk away.

What are your hours?

We work from 7 am to 5 pm during the week, but if service is needed over the weekend we can look into accomodating it.

Where are you located?

We are located in Avon, Massachusetts. But with the junk removal service, you don't need to come to us. We will go to you.

How much notice do you need?

Typically we appreciate at least 24 hours notice so we can better manage our schedule, however we are happy to provide customer with same day junk removal if available.

Do you take all kinds of junk?

No. We cannot take any hazardous chemicals such as diesel, gasoline, kerosene, oil, automotive fluids such as used engine oil, transmission oil and coolant (anti-freeze), chemicals without a label, asbestos.

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